Can Facebook become a Bank?

I will start with an interesting hypothesis: If the technological innovation „Blockchain“ will be adopted in the value chain, Social-Media-Platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) will become a platform of values and replace the role of Banks“.

As a scientist, only those hypothesis are interesting, which are at the same time addressing the „Impact“ and the „Validity“ of theoretical thoughts. And this hypothesis is interesting.

The impact of the scenario, in which a social-network-platform like Facebook becomes a Bank, is huge. In this case, the blockchain-technology will allow Facebook to connect the information stored on your timelines with a database. Based on this information, user can will be allowed to exchange money in virtual currencies – and at this point, let us assume that Facebook will announce the „FaceCoin“. Using this „FaceCoin“ will allow the user to exchange money easily, either for other currencies, or for consumption.

But is that hypothesis valid? Discuss with me on Twitter:


Quelle: Wikipedia (Download: 14-Jan-2016)
Source: Wikipedia (Download: 14-Jan-2016)